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Why did you actually choose BTC Embedded Systems AG? Philipp answers this question in a conversation with his manager Stefan.


Your job with us as a professional

What is it like to work at BTC Embedded Systems?

Andreea Hinrichs
Software Engineer in EmbeddedPlatform:

„I became aware of BTC Embedded Systems during my Master’s thesis through my System Theory professor. After two years as part of the team in Romania, I joined the local team in Oldenburg as the first female member of the development team. Since 2013, I have been part of a professional, high-performing and well-organised development team. The agile way of working and the current development topics motivate me and make me enjoy my work every day.”

Daniel Wegmann
Software Engineer in Automotive Services:

I joined BTC-ES as a student and worked here part-time as a working student for 5 years. After my Master’s degree, I gained experience in another company for a few years, but then I was drawn back to BTC-ES. As a software developer in the automotive services sector, my day-to-day work is particularly varied due to the work on different products for our customers. In order to meet the different requirements of the products, a wide variety of technologies have to be used and combined, which is always an exciting challenge.”